Monday, May 14, 2012

Shilonda Trail, Shilonda Trail, Incredible India, Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Shilonda trail is present within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Even though I have been to SGNP several times, I had never heard of this. When I read that BNHS was organizing a trek here, me and my friend promptly joined. A big group had assembled at the gates waiting for the ticket window to open. The ticket windows opened at 7:30 and the long queue was quickly/efficiently cleared. 

The start of Shilonda trail is quite some distance within the park. It is located on the road that goes towards Kanheri caves. There is a board which indicates the start of the trail. I did not notice any directions/boards leading to this wonderful trail anywhere in the park. You will find it only if you know where to look for it :)

The trail was beautiful, and the information provided by the BNHS guide was interesting. More photos below which will give an idea of the sort of trail this is.