Monday, November 4, 2013

Kanha - Call of the Wild
We did the "Call of the Wild" tour conducted by MPTDC. This covered Jabalapur (Bhedatghat), Kanha, Badhavgarh and Panchmarhi. Needless to say, Kanha/Bandhavgarh were the highlights of the tour. With an area of around 1000 sq kms, this is one of the biggest parks in India and famous for its tiger population. The jungles of Kanha were the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling novel, Jungle Book.

Our arrangements were done at the Baghera Log Huts. This is a great property. The food and accommodation is ok but the location is fantastic. It is within the national park. You get the feel of living in the jungle.We were able to see gaur, deer and monkeys from within the property. We were really lucky with the tiger sightings at Kanha. We got sighting for nearly each safari that we took. 

The last sighting of the tiger that we had was special. As we were returning from the safari, we came upon a group of gaurs which were witnessing a fight between two males. The males were right in the middle of the road, and there was no way we could have crossed them and made our way ahead. We had to take a long route back. The light had already reduced a lot when we saw this adult male tiger walking towards us. We scampered back, took a reverse and then went off the road. He continued majestically along the road, totally ignoring our jeep. The experience of seeing the tiger in the wild, where he is the king, is really overwhelming. This is the experience that got me hooked up on wildlife

Below is a link to the poor quality video of a great sighting. 

Another video of a sighting in Kanha