Sunday, February 13, 2011


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Lonar crater was created due to the impact of a meteor hitting the Earth. A huge salt water lake has been formed within the crater. There is a MTDC resort near the crater. This is an ideal option when planning to see the crater. Overnight stay and early morning trek into the crater would be ideal. The manager at MTDC resort arranged for a guide into the crater. Taking a guide along is a must unless you know the area. The guide took us down the crater to the lake's edge. On the way we saw a few old temples. Of note is the Daitya Sudan temple which has very beautiful carvings.

The lake water is alkaline in nature with a pH value of 11. The guide had brought along a litmus paper to display the alkalinity of the water. He also displayed the magnetic nature of the soil around the lake using the magnet that he had brought along.
The brochure that we bought on Lonar Lake mentions that it is a habitat for a number of birds and animals. Was able to see some ducks. The guide mentioned that Flamingos visit the crater in the months of Jan/Feb.

Lonar,Crater,Meteorite,Aurangabad,Incredible India,Visit India,India Photos,Travel To India

Lonar,Crater,Meteorite,Aurangabad,Incredible India,Visit India,India Photos,Travel To India

Lonar,Lonar,Crater,Crater,Meteorite,Meteorite,Aurangabad,Aurangabad,Incredible India,Incredible India,Visit India,Visit India,India Photos,India Photos,Travel To India,Travel To India

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