Friday, April 2, 2010


On 7th March we went on a trek to Korigad. Korigad is a fort located about 20 km away from Lonavla. This makes for an ideal one day gateaway from Mumbai. We started from Mumbai at 5:30 a.m. Took the Express way and got off at the Lonavala exit. En-route, we had a stop at the food mall.

From Lonavala we took the road towards INS Shivaji. We made a short stop at Lion's Point. Its a very scenic point and makes for a good stop over.
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From here we drove on until we reached the Peth Shahapur village. The landmark, to get off the road here is a mobile tower. We parked our car near a temple in the village and started for the fort.


The climb up the fort is easy and not too strainous as well. There are stairs all the way up to the fort. I think we missed the "standard route" to the stairs and traveled a fair distance through the bushes, not sure whether we were heading in the right direction. We did spot some interesting flowers and birds along the way.
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From the top we get a wonderful view of the surrounding area including Amby Valley. There are 2 full lakes at the top along with a temple of Koraidevi. The fort walls are in a fairly good condition and we walked along it for the entire perimeter of the fort.
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On the way back we were looking for a decent place to have our lunch and quite back luck came to the Triose Plaza. A number of food outlets are available here, but we headed for the Cream Centre as we had heard good reviews for it from GD.

My recommendation here would be to go for the special thali here. It was very decently priced with the choice of selecting the starters, chat, vegetables, salad and rotis. Add to this an ice cream as a desert (which we could not eat as we were already full by that time :)). The food is well made and we liked the tastes as well.

Check more photos below.

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