Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Butterfly Garden, Ovalekar Wadi

A butterfly garden in Mumbai would be a surprise for many but it does exist indeed as a surprise. Its a two acres agriculture plot converted by the enthusiast owner Mr. Rajendra Ovalekar into a butterfly park.  This is not his commercial project but shear out of interest.
While going from Borivali, take right turn for Ghodbundar road and after around 8 kms, take right turn for a narrow lane for Ovala village. Hardly after 1-2 kms, you see Ovalekar Butterfly garden on the right.  The park is open on Sunday morning only. Owners charge small fees of Rs. 25 for entry. The garden has space for parking as well.

Tiger Butterfly

Mr. Ovalekar spends sufficient time touring visitors around the garden, explaining the life cycle of butterfly, showing eggs, pupa, caterpillar etc. which are hard to notice for the untrained eyes. Check below link of photographs where I have uploaded snaps of life-cycle of butterfly. Mr. Ovalekar knows the need of eager photographers and helps in spotting the butterflies. It requires a lot of patience to spot the insect when it is resting. There are around 120+ species which visit this garden. When I visited in the first week of March, it was the low season, so could hardly spot 8 to 10 and could click only few of them. It being a natural breeding ground for butterflies, owner has taken a huge effort to put the natural and wild plantation to attract various species.


Best period to visit the garden, as informed by the owner, is around November which is the best period to spot various species.  In first half of the year, its April-May when one can be visit the park. The park opens at 7.00 AM, Guided tour starts depending on the climate but not later than 09.00 AM. Its best to call the owner and inquire about the time. You can also inquire about the season of the various species and then plan the visit.

White spotted Moth
I surely plan to visit again in the month of November.