Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kaas, Satara

The Kaas plateau is around 22 km from Satara. Near the end of the monsoon season, it puts on display, carpets of flowers of different colours and shades. This makes for acres and acres of great walking trails. Though we missed the "peak" season by a week, we were able to see endless varieties of flowers which gave us a feel of how it would have been a week back. Saw few birds there as well. 
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At the end of the plateau, near the banks of the Shivsagar lake, lies the Bamnoli village. Here there are many options for boating in the Shivsagar lake.

Hotel Rajatadri makes for a good place for lunch once you have finished your morning stroll of the Kas plateau. It is on the way from Satara to Kas. The Punjabi Thali was tasty and is recommended

More photos below.

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