Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ocean Park

Ocean Park, Discover Hong Kong

Other than the Disneyland, this is another location in Hong Kong that kids would love for sure. The Ocean Park has been built at 2 levels. To move between the levels you can either choose the Ocean Express or take the cable car. Try both. The ocean express gives you the feeling of travelling through water. It is the faster of the 2 options as well.  The cable car give you great views of the mountains and the seas. There are a number of shows that are held daily at the Ocean Park. Hence plan your visit for the attractions in advance. At the upper level, you have the dolphin show. At the lower level there is a bird show and the light and sound show late in the evening which marks the close of activities at the Ocean Park.

There are a number of restaurants at the Ocean Park. We had researched the restaurants at Ocean Park and had planned to have our lunch Bayview as that was the only restaurant advertising Indian meals. The Indian meal consisted of rice and curry. The curry was not something that you will generally see on Indian menus. :) The restaurant has great views of the bay and there was a long line to get tables here. There are a number of open places with sitting arrangements. You can carry your own food and have it in these areas.

Save your Ocean Park tickets if you are planning a trip to Lantau. They will fetch you a discount of 10% on the cable car ticket for Ngong Ping.

Some photos below..