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Aurangabad is one of the major locations on the tourist map for visitors to India. The 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites (Ajanta and Ellora) in its vicinity are the primary reason for that. But Aurangabad is worth a visit even if you take these attractions out of the equation.

Stayed for a few days at the Atithi hotel. Have posted the review for it here. It is a good value for money proposition.

Places that can be covered during a trip to Aurangbad are
  • Pan Chakki - This is a water mill built in the times of the Mughal era to operate a mill for grinding corn for the poor and military garrisons. The mechanism is still functional.
  • Daulatabad Fort - This is about 15 kms from Aurangabad. Take a government approved guide along with you to really enjoy this fort . This can be arranged at the ticket window at Daulatabad. The guide we got, explained to us the various defensive mechanisms engineered by the builders to make it an almost impregnable fort.
  • Bibi-Ka-Maqbara -  This is the mausoleum built by emperor Auranganzeb's son in memory of his mother. It is known as the Taj of the Deccan. Having said that, it is too high a praise. It is a poor copy of the original master piece.
  • Bhadra Maruti Temple - This is a very old and popular temple. It has recently undergone complete renovation.
  • Paithan - Places worth a visit here are the Sant Eknath Temple and the Paithani Centre.
  • Ajanta Caves - UNESCO world heritage site. More details here.
  • Ellora Caves - UNESCO world heritage site. More photos here.
  • Lonar

aurangabad,visit india,incredible india,india tourism,pan chakki,photo stockaurangabad,visit india,incredible india,india tourism,photo stock,Bibi Ka Maqbara
Dargah Hazrat Mohammed, 
Near Pan Chakki

Bibi Ka Maqbara

aurangabad,visit india,incredible india,india tourism,photo stock,Daulatabad Fortaurangabad,visit india,incredible india,india tourism,photo stock,Daulatabad Fort
Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad Fort
aurangabad,visit india,incredible india,india tourism,Daulatabad Fort,photo stockaurangabad,visit india,incredible india,india tourism,photo stock,Bhadra Maruti Temple
Chand Minar
Bhadra Maruti Temple

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